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Everyone has a story



Issue NO.7

Welcome to the BU-World!

  • BU-Magazine: Everyone has a story

    BU-Magazine is an online video magazine showcasing interviews of ordinary people. We strive to inspire everyone to share their own unique story. We’re here to eradicate low self-esteem; by promoting those that embrace their heart’s purpose and passion.…

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  • BU-Social: Everyone has a passion

      BU-Soical Passion | Business | Knowledge BU-Social is not your typical social media site. We believe that everyone has a passion, and for those of you who embrace yours, we've created a platform where you can actively…

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  • BU-Fashion: Everyone has a style

    BU-Fashion Everyone has a style BU-Fashion is a celebration of individual style. We dive deeply into understanding you through your fashion choices, and find out what aspects of your life influence and dictate your style. We believe that…

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