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BEing You
It starts with, “What are you going to BE when you grow up?” How do we know what to be? What job, career, or calling is right? We say, be what makes you happy, be in your bliss, follow your heart. And what does my heart want me to be? How do I know what will bring me joy and happiness.
Knowing one’s purpose can be something that is not the easiest to recognize. Some people may know what it is easily, maybe you are a painter, and must paint; maybe you are an actor and have found the best way to offer your gifts in theatre. Others might just know it is medicine, or accounting.
In looking up the definition of Dharma, I found many, and a simple one I like is from Urban Dictionary. It says, "Dharma means the intrinsic nature of a thing. Just like the dharma of sugar is sweetness and the dharma of water is wetness. The dharma of the living being is to render service to God. Therefore everyone serves God without fail, either directly or indirectly." I believe this is the way in which we follow the path of what we were meant to be and do during our lifetime. And this is the way we are in service.
Reflecting on “directly or indirectly,” I feel this may be described as how awake and aware we are in regard to the Dharma our soul is effecting. If when awake we are affecting Dharma by our activities in life then are we in charge of our Dharma? Do we get to choose or is our path predetermined (indirect)? There is action that we take in the direction that our work will be, right? Maybe we make choices and things are predetermined. It is clear; we are at our best and most blissed when we are consciously acting in alignment with our dharma. In any case the our dharma is happening without fail.
Knowing ones’s calling could be crystal clear for some people. For many, I believe it is not as clear. The clarity of our soul’s path, our purpose, our dharma may be fleeting and murky to many. To achieve, to get to where we wants to be, people generally follow the external constructs of culture, school, community, job, family, church, etc. People activate what they should be according to these powerful external influences.
Generally, we follow a spark of interest too. Then we might pair that flare with what makes sense in the world of say, good-paying jobs. We navigate options, courses of study, and advanced programs. We rationalize the flash of inspiration and develop the idea within constructs. In the process of rationalizing, we may loose the spark and allow the reasons to have their own importance. After all, we have invested our time and money and become attached to the outcome that we feel we have control over, if we hadn’t our ego wouldn’t have participated in the activation. We have experts, masters and doctors of particular fields because of their commitment, devotion and attention to the intellectual development on their chosen area of focus. This may be because they have said yes, to following their bliss. Yet, there are those who may not be in bliss at all. We are trained to focus on the mental acumen, and to resist impulses that direct our attention on anything other than intellect.
Hitting the Target
How about passion? What if that spark becomes a full-on blazing fire navigational device on who to BE and how to BE? When we light up, we are impassioned and we are hitting the mark.
Wild! Is there a device to guide us to hit the mark straight on? The answer is YES! The original definition for sin is to miss the mark as in archery. Let us hit the mark as much as possible, I say! The device for hitting the target is felt within the body. It is so powerful; yet, we are not trained or practiced in feeling the vibrations of knowing when we are hitting the mark. It is simple; we are hitting the mark when we feel clear, clean and in bliss about whatever we are doing. If we are feeling joy, harmony, clarity, and love, this is it! Why not be in these high vibrations all the time? I feel it is because most of us are excellent at suppressing our feelings. Many people can’t even identify feelings with words. We have been educated this way in our schools, churches, and often even within families’ subcultures. Let us get out of this habit; it is not serving us.
Dogma is a tool to support how to BE. This tool is shaped and formulated by our leaders, teachers, and ancestors. Dogma is the ascribed activities (the dos and don’ts), philosophies, and prescriptive of the ones who have set a course within a culture. Dogma is an external guidepost. It may or may not be synonymous with the internal fire that lights up when we are on target. Various religions are dogmatic in their guidelines on how to BE according to tradition. As we evolve into consciously aware and mature creatures, the dogma of our cultures may or may not be a perfect fit. The key is knowing when and how to access the appropriateness of any dogma according to one’s dharma and inner knowing. What I’ve been noticing is how dogma takes hold. Dogma is cunning and potentially insidious that even within the most awake and aware teachings dogma comes into play to undermine one’s personal inner knowing. Simply BEing aware of the latest trend, fad, practice that tells one how to BE as an external guidepost is important. This improves with practice, just like sharpening a blade or exercising a muscle.
Just like intelligence, the acumen of developing a practice in consciousness is like a muscle that develops over time. How do we do this? We practice feeling vibrational tones and experiencing them, giving life to them, listening to them, not suppressing them. We attune; we place our attention on the vibrational/ tonal quality. Honoring the feeling tones noticed within the body is key! We seek and find mentors who understand this and teach this. If we are lucky enough to find someone who can teach it; we presence ourselves to it. We allow time with ourselves getting to know our BEing-ness intimately. Meditation, contemplation, prayer and yoga support this. Deepening into the wholeness of who we are is necessary. We are on target when we do not check out, not with friends or family, not with entertainment, sports, the latest TV shows, with social media, politics, academia, or even with religion.
Strengthening the muscles of understanding vibration or tone creates an internal barometer for truth. And again it comes to us by way of the heart / body intelligence, not via cognitive intelligence. And this can be taught, needs to be taught, and it is generally not taught. The exceptions of this type of teaching appear in yoga, and in ancient and/or indigenous traditions. Otherwise, I cannot think of any prominent modern culture that is attuned to this acumen. However, I do realize that all the great masters, prophets, and teachers, all the exceptional ones who follow through with their purpose sometimes against all odds are the ones listening to this internal wisdom and guidance. Gandhi was moved to greatness with his persistence for peace, Dr. Martin Luther King was a living breathing emanation of justice, and Mother Theresa was the embodiment of compassion. I believe we all have greatness in our unique way. And we all can BE it! There is no need for fear, competition, giving in to the small i am of ego or self-righteousness. One’s ego might say, “That’s great, if you are MLK!”
As I mentioned earlier, If ego isn’t onboard, then activation will not happen. Ego is motivated by an idea of what it will be achieving, receiving or gaining as a result of the activity. So we must navigate ego and realize it is a player in manifesting activity to support our dharma. And an immature ego might not want to play big. A mature ego may be receiving satisfaction for a job well done, for the knowledge that it’s activity is in alignment with its higher self or soul or it may simple be monitoring the Grace in which it is being delivered.
Young ego makes things difficult to activate when it is not be ready for bigness. You might have heard the expression or some variation of: “I am more afraid of success than failure.” It is true; many of us avoid our bigness. Our ego can be like a child who needs loving nurturance and space to mature. It may be egotic regarding the latest accomplishment, saying, “Look at me, praise me, see what I did.” It may want to hide and simply refuse to participate. If this is happening, ego is stretching. I suggest we are gentle with our ego as we recognize for ourselves as well as others that it is simply growth, or expansion ultimately for the evolution of the consciousness. The task is to develop the ego consciously with love and appreciation allowing for it to spend more and more of its expression in grace and humility.
It is necessary for the ego to acknowledge and accept its own bigness because as in the case of Mother Theresa, we probably wouldn’t have seen her care for as many people without her ego appreciating her potential, her purpose, and her reason for being. Her ego didn’t sit back and say, “No, no, not me, I’m not big enough to be Mother Theresa, I can’t do it, and I won’t!” She might have looked like a frustrated child if her ego was not “big” or mature enough to support her knowing her BEing-ness and allow her to activate from there. I would venture that she had her doubts and questioned what she was up to. If so, thank goodness she got over herself.
The way to understand how she did get over herself is to remember the idea of the two-sided coin, and duality ( Ego sits on the side of the coin that is dualistic or separate. There is me and there are all the others. Humility is aligned with Oneness, the other side of the coin. Humility is what the ego spins and blends itself into with the deepening and realization that its bigness is not separate from the I AM. Remember the I AM is infinite, and infinity is pretty darn big! Mother Theresa was just one example of lovingly being in obedience to her soul’s bigness, the passion she felt in her heart, and the I AM. And this I believe is why the little European woman living in Calcutta was amazingly powerful as a manifestation of humility. She was expressing AS the I AM, and in her work, she was rendering service to God. This is Thy will BEing done.
BEing Big
It may not be as well known as Mother Therese yet, BEing you is big; it cannot be anything less. It is the BEing-ness of you that is the I AM in its sweetest, purest, and most blessed form. If you are reading this you are being asked, “Are you ready to awaken to BE You?”
Thy will be done, Thy will be done, Thy will be done…
And so it is, Amen.
Post #1:
Duality and the I AM
Duality is defined as the quality or condition of having two parts. The opposite of duality is non-duality or oneness and the I Am is the all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present essence of oneness. Oneness infers no separation. Everything, including every one of us, is connected. We are connected by virtue of our interrelatedness, just like all the plants and animals in the rainforest are connected, interrelated and interdependent. Oneness includes being connected to that which is seen and unseen, with energies, and all that is beyond the three dimensional world. With oneness comes the comfort of feeling in sync, not alone - ever, tapped in, and intended. It is simply a good feeling.
So, how is duality part of our reality? Simply put, we live in a world of physicality. This experience of being in physical form creates the phenomenon of duality. Life and duality start when we receive our first breath, when we inhale and exhale. We experience day and night (light and dark). We nourish ourselves with food and drink as we receive the nutrition and release what we do not need. We experience emotions and their differences, such as happiness and sadness or love and hate. We perceive good and bad; winning and losing; success and failure; male and female and yin and yang. We have jobs and responsibilities and then we transition out; we take our last breath. Even life is contrasted by death. Therefore, we live in a dualistic experience.
In this dimension, we have contrast. In fact, we need contrast to have experiences. We wouldn’t inhale if we didn’t exhale. We wouldn’t hear music unless it was paired with quiet. We wouldn’t see art unless it was hung on a blank or contrasting background. We wouldn’t know happiness without sadness. We have our duality in order to experience our experiences.
Another way of considering duality is recognizing it as a continuum. In other words, we have light and the absence of light and everything in between. We have health and not as much health. We have wealth or not as much wealth. We always have the choice to opt into the vibration of what it feels like to have health, wealth, etc., even when we are not experiencing what our ego or causal mind would like to believe is health or wealth. This brings us to determinism. I believe the universe is all-powerful and all-knowing. Therefore, is everything predetermined? Is it already written?
Already written, what does that mean? How can this be? I am seriously perplexed here in the 3D. There is oneness some say, yet I am not you, and you are not me. I am Sam I AM and I do not like Green Eggs and Ham. I am an individual expression of human-ness. It feels like I am the center of my own universe. I can empathize and see from the point of view of another person’s shoes, yet, I still see from my perspective for the most part. I realize I choose my daily activities and I create. I am happiest when I am creating, co-creating, collaborating, and freely expressing. I am in bliss when I am being my truest me. I feel like I am having my way with all the goings-on in my life. Yet, I feel, and I know that the universe, or all that is already designed, is having its way with me. I remember I have been birthed from the universe itself and it is as if I play out in all my life’s events that are already planned. This begs the question of free will vs. fate. Back to our original topic, how is it that there is oneness and duality in our experience? Maybe the answer to what we experience isn’t one or the other. Maybe it is both? It is a paradox after paradox, no doubt.
The knowing of what is having its way with me comes from my heart-space, not my head-space. It is faith. This intelligence of deep knowing is something I know we all have. When we exercise the muscles of listening to it, attending to it, and grounding it into the 3D as part of this dualistic experience, we do have inner knowing, clarity, and an understanding of our life’s purpose.
As I noted earlier, we have the contrast in order to experience. We have the continuum. I remember when I realized that all contrasting ideas could be seen as different sides of the same coin. I was working out the energetic of leading, and in doing so, I became clear on the understanding of following. I realized that leading is directly related to my ability to follow my own inner guidance, to be in the great flow of allowing, and to be in faith that all is and will be taken care of.
This following is done with discipline and obedience to my being-ness, to the I AM that is expressing as me. Does the same coin analogy apply to fate and free will? I believe it can be thought of this way. When we activate freely of our own will in alignment with the I Am, all the while listening to the wisdom of the heart, we are in alignment with fate, that divine design that is always in play. This is also possibly the truth of duality; duality and non-duality (oneness) are different sides of the same coin.
BU-Magazine offers a platform for us to ride the idea that we are here to be our best and most delicious selves. As a result, we get to explore and bliss-out right here in the 3D with all its contrasts, dualities, and realizations that in the big picture, and as the embodiment of the light of the I AM, we are all connected to everyone and everything, always, always, always.
A Prayer of Oneness
As I close my eyes and move into what IS, I know the One I call the I AM, the Universe, Great Spirit, or God is ever-present. It is all knowing, all powerful, and infinite. I know this I Am presence is One with all there is. It is Perfection, Harmony, Tempo, Grace and Love. In fact, I know Love is another name for the infinite. I realize and know that I, the one known as Christine, am one with the One, and I am expressing here in this three dimensional experience as a being created of divine Love. And I know this for you, the ones reading these words, as well as all the ones not reading these words. I know it for all beings and for all the ways the Universe expresses. This brings me to the deep inner knowing and remembering of my/our origin. We are of the Earth, and before that, the substance that makes up our physicality was simply stardust. I know all physicality is condensed energy or slow moving light. How cool is that! This is a realization I am so grateful for. I am in joy to know that my physicality, as well as yours, and all that is here in the 3D is embodied light. I am uplifted with Great-full-ness and sweet openness in the gratitude of this knowledge. As I write this oneness prayer, I deliver it to the place it came from, to the One itself. Here it is received, and upon this reception it is amplified and activated into Isness.
And so it IS.

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