‘Pop-Up’ BU-Fashion Show Videos

The Concept:

Hi, my name is Marvin Pope and I created BU-Fashion to promote positive self-esteem and celebrate what makes you, you. I believe everyone has their own style, located within you, all it requires is you embracing your heart.

This summer I took that concept on the road and conducted my first ever Fashion Show in Milwaukee & in New York. But this wasn't your typical Fashion Show, this was a Fashion Show starring everyday people! Just random people walking the street, that accept who they are, their style and what makes them, themselves; those were our runway models.

BU-Fashion conducted unannounced Pop-Up Fashion Shows in multiple locations around town, that was photographed and filmed. It showcases all of the people that was willing to show off their style and rock their look down our runway... It was an amazing experience and one I hope you enjoy watching.