BU-Social: Everyone has a passion


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BU-Social is not your typical social media site. We believe that everyone has a passion, and for those of you who embrace yours, we've created a platform where you can actively celebrate them all. BU-Social creates a specialized community space for where anyone with a passion or new ideas can share and build connections. Whether you are an individual who freelances or a full-time professional who has turned your passion into your business, BU-Social offers different levels of membership along with an e-Commerce platform for hosting and selling your product. We also offer a level for those of you who have a love for a passion you wish to explore and share with others.

BU-Social provides a way for you to learn from others through the passions that drive them, as well as a way for you to educate others based on what drives you. With this site, you can expand your knowledge on a variety of topics and make connections through our “Explore Community” search engine. This tool provides you the ability to seek out ideas and topics and learn from those most passionate and informed - from individuals who are as excited to share with you their passion as you are to learn. BU-Social is a place for focused content that will educate, inspire, create natural networks and partnerships, and celebrate US by providing connections with people of common and different interests. It is a place for you to truly be you!


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