BU-Fashion: Everyone has a style

Everyone has a style

BU-Fashion is a celebration of individual style. We dive deeply into understanding you through your fashion choices, and find out what aspects of your life influence and dictate your style. We believe that everyone has a driving force behind what they choose to put on their bodies every day. BU wants to help celebrate fashion in every area of your life. Once we learn about you, we choose fashion categories that shape your style and feature them in the magazine. Our photo shoots center around the events that capture your unique style and energy. BU-Fashion highlights those who fully embrace their style.

What makes BU-Fashion different:

BU-Fashion captures your style, not a false image of you. We don’t believe it’s okay for fashion critics to rip on others by telling them what’s in or out. Fashion is art. It’s personal expression of one’s authentic self, a glimpse of who you truly are. BU-Fashion takes time to understand what makes your style yours. We believe every authentic impulse emanates from the heart, and if you follow that beating in your chest and are true to yourself, you will have a style that is your own.

My Personal Experience:

When my family moved to the Northside of Milwaukee and my neighborhood and high school were 98% black, I quickly realized there was a style that was considered in. I tried it out my sophomore year but couldn’t get over the feeling I wasn’t being myself. Not to knock it, but it just wasn’t me. I made a promise to myself that no matter what, I’d stay true to myself and my style.
I experimented a lot with my hair and style, which I caught A LOT of shit for. My sexual orientation was challenged, I was considered less black, accused of trying to be more white, and called a sellout. Overall, people were confused by me, all for simply loving fashion beyond what was considered socially acceptable and cool. As difficult as this was to deal with, I stood tall, took all the shit and gave some back. Despite all of the criticism, and not being understood by many, to my surprise I started earning respect.
BU-Fashion is more than just the clothing you wear, it’s the energy that comes through the material. When you’re being you, it shows through your style.

Our Process:

We don’t style you, pose you, or pick the locations to photograph you. We sit down with you and learn about you, what you’re into, and what your style is like.
We are interested in where it comes from, what influences it, and how your life dictates what you wear. Are you a single mother? An artist? A lawyer? How do you determine what you put on every morning?
Once we have a featured subject, we have them pick out three category titles that capture their style. Then, they pick out 3-4 outfits from their closet for each category.
Next, they tell us the locations to go to that best compliment their choices, and we capture them naturally through photographs and articles.

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