Summer Solstice – Photo Shoot



"True Community"

Enjoy a random, 'Pop-Up Fashion Show' featuring Everyday People embracing and celebrating all the wonderful, beautiful things that makes you, You!

Photographers: James Wieland & Rosa Flanagan

Rosa's Artist's Statement: "Rosa Flanagan lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been taking photographs for most of her life. She graduated from UW-Milwaukee in 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Women's Studies, and has been neglecting her love for photography until a traumatic brain injury in 2018. Feel free to reach out to her over Instagram: @Moonhuntress."

IMG_0185 IMG_0186 IMG_0189 IMG_0192 IMG_0227 IMG_0225 IMG_0222 IMG_0216 IMG_0212 IMG_0200 IMG_0196 IMG_0194 IMG_2066 IMG_2052 IMG_1916 IMG_1910 IMG_1899 IMG_1885 IMG_1869 IMG_1857 IMG_1850 IMG_1840 IMG_1797 IMG_1766 IMG_1756 IMG_1754 IMG_1736 IMG_1723 IMG_1713 IMG_1684 IMG_1677 IMG_1661 IMG_1643 IMG_1615 IMG_1609 IMG_1604 IMG_1592 IMG_1581 IMG_1576 IMG_1568 IMG_1566 IMG_1554 IMG_1541 IMG_1526 IMG_1515 IMG_1511 IMG_1502 IMG_1499 IMG_1495 IMG_1490 IMG_1481 IMG_1457 IMG_1417 IMG_1413 IMG_1400 IMG_1382 IMG_1371 IMG_1365 IMG_1343 IMG_1323 IMG_1297 IMG_1291 IMG_1283 IMG_1279 IMG_1263 IMG_1253 IMG_1242 IMG_1239 IMG_1220 IMG_1213 IMG_1186 IMG_1183 IMG_1176 IMG_1169 IMG_1152 IMG_1139 IMG_1118 IMG_1100 IMG_1086 IMG_1076 IMG_1062 IMG_1059 IMG_1050 IMG_1039 IMG_1016 IMG_1009 IMG_0998 IMG_0988 IMG_0986 IMG_0976 IMG_0967 IMG_0966 IMG_0933 IMG_0922 IMG_0913 IMG_0907 IMG_0899 IMG_0886 IMG_0861 IMG_0847 IMG_0834 IMG_0819 IMG_0815 IMG_0801 IMG_0792 IMG_0780 IMG_0766 IMG_0735 IMG_0726 IMG_0707 IMG_0687 IMG_0660 IMG_0611 IMG_0591 IMG_0569 IMG_0561 IMG_0556 IMG_0551 IMG_0534 IMG_0533 IMG_0532 IMG_0520 IMG_0517 IMG_0515 IMG_0512 IMG_0503 IMG_0500 IMG_0495 IMG_0494 IMG_0484 IMG_0474 IMG_0473 IMG_0465 IMG_0464 IMG_0459 IMG_0451 IMG_0429 IMG_0418 IMG_0408 IMG_0406 IMG_0399 IMG_0387 IMG_0383 IMG_0376 IMG_0372 IMG_0359 IMG_0358 IMG_0351 IMG_0349 IMG_0347 IMG_0337 IMG_0336 IMG_0332 IMG_0319 IMG_0306 IMG_0302 IMG_0299 IMG_0297 IMG_0295 IMG_0292 IMG_0290 IMG_0285 IMG_0284 IMG_0275 IMG_0274 IMG_0264 IMG_0256 IMG_0247 IMG_0240 IMG_0234